Daily SOAP

Discover the truth and beauty of God's Word daily

Daily SOAP aims to help people read and meditate the Bible and gives them easy access to personally discover the truth and beauty of God's Word.

The app is developed by a group of Christ-followers from the Harvest Mission Community Church of Hong Kong who strive to be ALIVE disciples.

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Abide in Christ

Connect with God and abide in Him daily using the Daily SOAP app to read and meditate on a passage.

Read the entire Bible in 1-2 years

Spend 15-30 minutes daily in God's Word

Read and reflect on the go with Daily SOAP

Abide in God for the rest of the day


SOAP is a Bible reading tool that helps you engage with the Bible daily, reflect on and apply what God is saying through His Word.


Read a passage of scripture daily and focus one one verse or passage that you believe God is using to speak to you.


Write down your observations and things that caught your attention based on the passage you read.


Apply and personalize the passage by asking yourself how it applies to your life right now.


Pray and ask for God's help in responding to and living out His Word.

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